Election Modernization

Free, fair, and honest elections are the cornerstone of any democracy. As technology evolves, significant opportunities exist to expand secure ballot access for all American citizens while improving the safety, security, and accuracy of our democratic process. At the same time, significant threats have emerged in the form of misinformation and foreign interference campaigns seeking to delegitimize the processes of effective election administration. There is wide support for dedicating federal funding to help state and local election officials improve their systems in order to protect against foreign interference. About three-quarters of voters (73%) and two-thirds of Republicans (65%) would support this funding. Centerline Action believes that to truly have a robust democracy, we must bolster public confidence in our elections process by ensuring our elections officials have the resources, training, and infrastructure needed to maintain the security and integrity of the ballot counting process.

Immigration Reform & Border Security

America is a nation of immigrants, and to continue attracting the most ambitious and entrepreneurial talent from around the world, Congress must implement commonsense immigration reform and border security. Centerline Action believes policymakers in both parties must come to the table and work together to pass reforms that secure the Southern border, meet our nation’s economic needs and protect the dignity of those for whom the torch of liberty burns brightest. America’s immigration system is complex, and a bipartisan solution is the only way to enhance our national security, protect our local communities, and maximize American competitiveness.

Conservation and Clean Energy Infrastructure

Environmental stewardship is too important of an issue to let the extremes within either political party stand in the way of commonsense solutions. Centerline Action knows America can mitigate the effects of climate change on our economic and national security by investing in an advanced, clean energy manufacturing and infrastructure. A 65% majority of voters think clean energy incentives and investments will have a positive impact on our country. Innovation and bipartisan solutions are how we will successfully leverage America’s competitive advantage to drive other nations to lower their carbon emissions, while increasing job creation and maintaining a strong economy here at home. 

LGBT Freedom

The United States was founded on the belief that all individuals are created equal. Likewise, Centerline Action was created to advocate for the constitutional freedoms and liberties of all Americans, including members of the LGBT community. Centerline Action was proud to have successfully worked with solutions-oriented Republicans and Democrats to ensure that the Respect for Marriage Act (RMA) was signed into law. Nearly three-fourths (72%) of registered voters agree that same-sex marriage should remain legal, with over a majority (56%) of Republicans saying the same. Just as Centerline Action was successful in passing the RMA into law, we will strive to create a more inclusive society for all Americans through bipartisan legislation that advances our core principle that everyone is created equally. 

Contraceptive Care and Access

Contraception has been legal in the United States for over 50 years and is now facing challenges at the state and federal levels. Voters overwhelmingly agree that increasing access to contraception is a “freedom issue.” Among voters, a strong bipartisan majority of 87% agree with the statement “Increasing access to contraception is a freedom issue. It is about giving people the freedom to make decisions for themselves and their families.” Centerline Action, along with large majorities of Republican (85%), Democratic (94%), and Independent (93%) voters, believe that contraception should be accessible and affordable to all people in the United States. Centerline Action will work with solutions-oriented policymakers at all levels of government to preserve safe and reliable access to contraceptives.