Centerline Action Applauds Final Passage of Fiscal Responsibility Act

Washington, D.C.: Centerline Action released the following statement following final passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act in the U.S. Senate.

“Congress and the Administration listened to the American people by negotiating a debt ceiling agreement that avoids a potentially catastrophic debt default and sets government on a course to achieve meaningful spending cuts. Additionally, these landmark negotiations yielded several notable bipartisan policy victories, including continued investments in prow-growth national defense and clean energy incentives, progress on permitting reform, and uninterrupted support for America’s veterans, all while protecting Social Security and Medicare. This spending reform package reinforces what can be achieved when we set aside partisanship to pursue genuine dialogue to build a stronger, more prosperous nation,” said Centerline Action Board President James Dozier.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House on Wednesday with a vote of 314-117. A majority of the House Republican Conference and Democratic Caucus voted in favor of the bill. The bill passed the U.S. Senate today in strong bipartisan fashion by a vote of 63-36.

Centerline Action is a nonprofit focused on forging consensus to advance centrist policy solutions capable of defending core constitutional freedoms and liberties, preserving a free market economy, and limiting the role of government in Americans’ everyday lives.